How SUPPLY POINTe Can Help You

From packaging supplies to transportation services, and much more, SUPPLY POINTe helps create efficiencies in your business operations.

SUPPLY POINTe offers more than 35 years of industry experience to help you meet your needs.

SUPPLY POINTe is a unique network of select trucking, freight forwarding, pallet and packaging companies that connect to form a wide menu of choices and savings for a rapidly growing list of customers nationwide. Whether you need packaging for your product, a pallet to put it on, a reliable trucking service to deliver to all 48 states, Canada and Mexico, or even overseas, SUPPLY POINTe can do it all, and economically. Just one phone call connects you to the one and only network of its kind.

When SUPPLY POINTe was created in 2002 by Matthew Cahill, it quickly became a leading transportation and packaging services company in the greater Cincinnati market. In 2011, Matt’s son, Adam, decided to join the family business and opened a second SUPPLY POINTe location in Charlotte, North Carolina. Though the two businesses operate independently, the founding concept of SUPPLY POINTe has never changed. The goal is and always has been to provide a one-stop shopping method for manufacturers and distributors to find the packaging, transportation and waste removal services they need through one, single supply point.

SUPPLY POINTe has developed a host of services that address fundamental issues facing manufacturers and operations managers every day. The SUPPLY POINTe team is dedicated to helping customers lower their total procurement costs through improved efficiency, better design and enhanced productivity, all while providing the best customer experience available.

Frequently Asked Questions

SUPPLY POINTe provides logistical solutions in trucking, freight forwarding, pallet and packaging, waste removal and more through a convenient, one-stop program.

SUPPLY POINTe supports manufacturing and distribution companies that have a need for packaging and shipping solutions across the United States.

SUPPLY POINTe can provide hazardous material removal that has met specific regulations that can be discussed with your SUPPLY POINTe agent.

If you have a product that needs to be packaged in corrugated, put on a pallet and shipped somewhere, SUPPLY POINTe can provide you a one-stop shop of expertise and convenience.

SUPPLY POINTe offers worry-free services for your international, domestic and intermodal import and export shipping needs. If you’ve had any issues with expenses, tracking, communication, coordinating, consolidating or shipping, SUPPLY POINTe is the solution you need.

SUPPLY POINTe offers a range of packaging solutions including an extensive list of corrugated materials and one of the largest pallet supply programs in the industry.

SUPPLY POINTe offers environmentally-friendly waste removal services that address unwanted materials like old pallets, industrial containers, drums, cardboard, scrap metals and more, without the hassle or major expense of an in-house removal program.

Management Team

two men standing in front of a bridge and smiling

Matt Cahill – owner of SUPPLY POINTe Cincinnati, Ohio

Matt Cahill is the founder and managing member of SUPPLY POINTe and owner of SUPPLY POINTe in Cincinnati, Ohio, with more than 30 years of experience in freight transportation and various packaging solutions. Prior to opening SUPPLY POINTe, Matt spent 16 years at FedEx working with local, national and global clients, showcasing a knack for international sales while acquiring more than 1,500 hours of various sales and negotiation training. Matt also has training and experience in the corrugated industry including time with a Toronto-based operation. The net result is a seasoned professional who understands customer challenges and has the skill set and commitment to provide practical solutions and economical enhancements to the corporate world.

Adam Cahill – owner of SUPPLY POINTe Charlotte, North Carolina

Adam Cahill is owner of SUPPLY POINTe in Charlotte, North Carolina and the son of company founder Matt Cahill. Prior to joining the family business, Adam taught high school social studies and coached football, baseball and track. After watching his father establish SUPPLY POINTe for more than 10 years, Adam was fascinated by the relationships he’d developed and loved the idea of being a solutions provider to those customers. Adam was also attracted to the independence and expansion potential SUPPLY POINTe of the Carolinas could provide him and now takes immense pride in having a business and product all his own. By using the communication tools he developed as a teacher, Adam takes a deliberate approach to educate his clients about the benefits to using a one-stop, solutions provider for all of their logistic needs.